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Jumpstart Your Life!
Making Friends and Peace with Your Life Business

is a life skills workbook created primarily for youth leaving home or transitioning, or for adults at a crossroads.

The four major sections of the workbook make connections with each other:

  1. Self-Assessments, Affirmations

  2. Self-Management, Habits, Goals and Action Plans

  3. Organization in The Home Office/Study

  4. Resources, And Evaluation Methods

This workbook was designed to go with a semester-long course by the same name. As the author and teacher, I created a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the workbook and discussion.

The workshop requires an open, friendly atmosphere to ensure positive morale, encouragement, and empowerment of each individual.

Both universal and personal needs and wants are explored. The course material is based on relevant life skills needed to navigate as a responsible adult in the world today. Evidence-based research on strategies for effectiveness and efficiency is essential criteria for developing and mastering life skills. As the author, I share personal experiences and my own life lessons.

There are ample opportunities to explore the student’s needs and wants and the “how-to” in each of the following life areas (and more):


Self Care

Health Work


Home Environment



Community Resources

Thinking Errors & Mindfulness

Handling Money



Fun & Recreation

The student will view life as a business owner, an artist, a student, and a teacher to gain broader and diverse perspectives, and greater clarity and purpose in life.

The workbook lessons include reading, discussion, writing, art, sharing, and homework, with creative student and teacher input. Socratic method of teaching and learning is a bonus in this setting to practice critical thinking skills in all life areas.

At the back of the book there are suggestions for both Teachers and Parents. I am available to give facilitator training to teach this workshop using the Jumpstart workbook.

Any and all feedback and questions are welcome.

I look forward to meeting you!

Perri Zepeda

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